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We offer a unique opportunity to buy a house or a land plot and live in Senču Sils!

Perfect place. When creating Senču Sils, we found the perfect location and did everything to make every resident feel happy. By taking care of each other and your home, Senču Sils will become your "place of strength".


In Senču Sils, adults can keep themselves in good physical shape after tiring working days - play tennis on their tennis court near the house or do fitness, enjoy fresh air, swim in the lake.


In order for the mind and body to be in harmony, there are places designed for nature observation and meditation, where you can enjoy nature, and, of course, a place to be together and celebrate.


Children can run outside all day, swim, play football and learn something new about themselves and the world.

Houses with land

Land plots

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We will gladly answer Your questions:

+371 29185750 (Laura)


Address: Krastmalas 45
Land 2487 m2


Address: Krastmalas 47
Land 1267 m2

86 665 EUR

68 EUR/m2

Address: Krastmalas 61
Land 1361 m2


Address: Krastmalas 59
Land 1293 m2

The agreed house project for the given plot is provided as a gift.

88 444 EUR

68 EUR/m2


Address: Krastmalas 65
House 312 m2, land 2427 m2



Address: Krastmalas 73
House 370 m2, land 4250 m2


House 277 m2, 
land 2610 m2

315 000  EUR


House 2649 m2,
land ~1,6 ha


Address: Krastmalas 63
Land 1348 m2

84 924 EUR

63 EUR/m2

Address: Krastmalas 
Land 1292 m2

88 375 EUR

68 EUR/m2

Address: Krastmalas 67
Land 1228 m2

The agreed house project for the given plot is provided as a gift.

90 138 EUR

73 EUR/m2

Address: Krastmalas 37
House 647 m2, land 3439 m2

445 000 EUR


Address: Krastmalas 39,41,43
House 644 m2, land 4564 m2


Landscaping, thoughtful infrastructure and recreation areas

The biggest advantage of the village is the lake, so the most activities are concentrated along it, as well as a pier for yachts and boats.

The beach is designed for family holidays, here you can play volleyball, football and enjoy time together.


The gardener takes care of the natural landscape and the aesthetics realized by the designers, every day the territory becomes more and more picturesque.

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